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Antenatal Instructor (Part-time)

Job Description

Salary: Up to £10,000 annually

Hours: 2-6 hours per week

Benefits: Flexible schedule. Choose a schedule based on your availability. This is a virtual role so you can work from home!

Company Description:

The Happy Baby Class is an online educational business that focuses on preparing expectant parents across the globe for their transition to parenthood. The platform was launched in 2021 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic restricting access to antenatal education across the world.

The Happy Baby Class’s mission is “to provide the modern parent with the knowledge they need to have a positive and happy birth experience.” We provide live, expert-led antenatal classes through our online platform. Classes are designed & taught by experienced midwives to support expectant parents and answer any questions they may have.

Since the company’s inception, The Happy Baby Class has helped over 20,000 expectant parents to prepare them for the arrival of their newborns. Members of The Happy Baby Class team have the ability to connect with and educate thousands of expectant parents on a part-time basis, all from the comfort of their homes.

Job Description:

We are currently looking to hire experienced and passionate midwives across the UK. You will become a member of an exciting team of leading antenatal instructors across the globe. This team is responsible for empowering expectant parents for their journey to parenthood through antenatal education. If you are passionate about midwifery and teaching, then this is the perfect role for you. Your location within the UK will not matter as the position is a virtual role. This role is part-time, with all classes taking place on weekends.

Antenatal Instructor Primary Functions:

  • Engage in our instructor training to prepare you for the role
  • Teach live classes to expectant parents through our virtual platform (Class slides, plans and equipment will be provided to you)
  • Engage with expectant parents throughout the class, answering all maternity/pregnancy-related questions
  • Engage with our social media following through short video demonstrations, informational posts and direct messages

Antenatal Instructor Skills:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; comfortable engaging with expectant parents through live chat, understanding their questions, answering clearly and conveying our mission
  • Ability to provide us with comprehensive feedback that can help us improve our classes
  • Relatively tech-savvy, ability to navigate and read emails, log into our webinar system
  • Patience and understanding for the support, questions or requests our customers may require/have
  • Time-management; being able to control a class to ensure it is finished within the timeframe specified, while all questions are answered


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Any questions or queries to: [email protected]

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