The Essentials You Need for Your Newborn

Babies need very little material things in Life

They need love and warmth, care and cuddles, food, clean clothes, a fresh nappy and to be held and comforted.

There are some products that we would recommend you buy or get second hand some of them whatever suits you personally that will just make your transition to parenthood that little bit smoother.

There is a big market out there that targets first time parents into thinking you need to buy this that and the other when in actual fact babies need very little material things, the list below is just a guide to help you as you prepare to become parents and getting ready for the new arrival

What you will need to get for your new baby

  1. A pram/pushchair suitable for a newborn
  2. A car seat +/- isofix base (you will need a carrycot car seat to take your baby home from hospital)
  3. A place to bath your baby (a stand-alone plastic bath, changing unit with bath built in or the kitchen sink)
  4. A bath Thermometer (floats in the bath as you are filling it so you know it’s at the correct temperature)
  5. A cot/crib/Moses basket once it is suitable for a newborn and it has a new mattress for your baby
  6. A Baby thermometer. This will be an investment and you will have it for years the in-ear or forehead scanning are the easiest and most accurate
  7. Newborn nappies stage 1 and stage 2
  8. Vaseline (for the first few nappy changes in hospital)
  9. Cotton wool balls/cloths. You will need these to change your babies bottom and also for the bath
  10. 2 Bath towels. Hooded ones preferably
  11. Short sleeve is perfect. Long sleeved ones for Winter months
  12. Baby grows with feet in. Button or Zip.
  13. Cellular blankets. These are the safest for sleeping.
  14. Some Hats for going out and about
  15. Bib/Muslins/Burp cloths
  16. Sleep bag if you want if not cellular blankets are fine
  17. Swing/bouncer for you to place baby in throughout the day (This has to be suitable for newborns and they may need to be a specific weight to be suitable for them them)

Again, this is only a list there may be other things you have been advised to get by friends, family etc. but don’t go too overboard they need very little but love, warmth, a full belly and a clean bottom.

I hope this helps and only an excuse to go shopping again to tick off the list

If you would like to know more about baby essentials you can check out our free 2-hour baby essentials class that will discuss, in-detail, all of the essentials for your new baby. You can sign up by clicking the button on the end of this page.  

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