This is How You Pack the Ultimate Postnatal Bag

Once you have welcomed your beautiful baby into this world, all that you want to do is probably to cosy up real close with them. To smell them and make them feel safe in this world!  To enjoy this to the fullest and to have a convenient stay at the hospital after the birth, there are some items that you might want to have with you; both for yourself and your baby. To make sure that the time after birth is the best possible for both you and your baby, we have made this guide on what items you should pack in your postnatal bag!

What should your postnatal bag contain?

The ultimate postnatal bag contains all the necessary items that both you and your baby might need right after your baby has been born. We will start by guiding you through the necessary baby items and then proceed with mum’s items.

Baby items to pack in your postnatal bag:

  • 2 packets of nappies: Some nappies might always come in handy to bring your baby some extra comfort and safety during their first time in this world.
  • 2 packets of cotton wool pads/balls: Cotton wool is perfect to wipe away baby drool or the like.
  • Tub of Vaseline: Vaseline locks in moisture and can therefore keep your baby’s skin soft and for instance be helpful if your baby gets a diaper rash
  • 6-8 vests: Vests are a convenient piece of clothing that will keep your baby comfortable.
  • 6-8 babygrows: Babygrows are another great piece of clothing to bring for your baby.
  • A light cardigan for going home: When it is time to leave the hospital, a light cardigan will keep your baby warm and comfy!
  • 2 hats: A newborn loses a large amount of heat from its head due to its high skin surface area. Therefore, it is important to pack some hats for your baby to keep them warm! 
  • 2 cellular blankets: A cellular blanket has lots of tiny holes in it which allow airflow, which in turn make them safe for babies to use.
  • Baby towel: A little towel for when your baby drools or similar will always come in handy!
  • Bibs/muslins: A muslin bib will keep your baby’s clothes clean while they are breastfeeding or ingesting formula. 
  • Mittens: Since babies also lose a lot of heat through their hands, you can help keep your little one warm by bringing a pair of mittens for them. 
  • Socks: Socks are another important pair of clothing that will help keep your baby warm and cosy!
  • Coconut oil for baby’s skin: It is common that newborns have dry skin, so if this is true for your baby you can keep their skin soft by applying some coconut oil.
  • Car seat: When the time has arrived to leave the hospital, make sure to have a car seat installed in your car to ensure a safe drive home with your baby!

Mum’s items to pack

To keep yourself comfortable if you and your baby have to stay at the hospital for a while after birth, these are the items you should include for yourself in your postnatal bag:

  • Nightdress/pyjamas x2 
  • Supportive maternity bra (without underwire)
  • Large comfortable briefs (use disposable if you like)
  • Maternity pads (green packet)
  • Nipple cream if breastfeeding
  • Breast pads
  • Breastfeeding pillow
  • Eye mask
  • Dark colour towels for showering
  • Pair of flip flops for the shower (to avoid slipping)
  • Drinks and snacks 
  • Extension lead (to charge phone next to bed)
  • Fan (if the weather is warm)
  • Toiletries (hand sanitiser, hand cream, deodorant etc.)
  • Wipes (antibacterial Milton for surfaces):
  • Hairdryer/straightener (if planning to wash hair)
  • Comfortable going-home clothes
  • Laundry bag (plastic bag for anything blood-stained or dirty)

Hopefully, this article has provided some guidance to you on what to pack in your postnatal bag. With the right preparation, you can ensure a more comfortable stay for both you and your baby at the hospital after giving birth. We hope that this will enable you to have a great first time with your beautiful baby!

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